Zurie Studio Rental

Terms and Conditions



1. Rentals booked less than 48hrs from the rental time are subject to cancellation and/or rescheduling by the Zurie staff. A partner will be in contact with you via email if necessary. If rescheduling does happen due to no Zurie staff available to host the shoot within 48hrs, a full refund will be given if shoot is canceled completely. If shoot moves to a different day/time, same non-refundable rules apply.

2. All cancellations 48 hours from the booked rental time will be billed the full rental amount. All deposits are non-refundable.

3. Deposits made to secure your reservation will not be adjusted in any way. If renter ends up changing their rental time from a larger amount of time to a smaller amount of time, the deposit is still the same and will not be refunded.

4. Rentals are often booked back to back, as Zurie is a popular Photo Studio. Because of this, setup AND cleanup must be included in the rental time you reserve.

5. Zurie works hard to ensure all guests/clients are experiencing Zurie to its fullest extent. Therefore, please be mindful and accurate on booking your time slots based on the total number of people you expect. If the rental exceeds the booked number of people total, no matter what hour or time of the rental, the renter will be charged for the appropriate amount. These amounts can be found on Zurie’s website. The total number of people does include the renter.



1. If the renter needs to request more time while renting, please ask the Zurie host for an extension of time as soon as you think it is necessary. This extension of time is not guaranteed and depends on the Zurie host’s schedule and whether or not there is a studio booking immediately following.

2. Renters that go over their scheduled time will be charged an inconvenience fee of $75.

3. All trash must be thrown away at the end of the rental. The studio must look exactly as it was when the renter arrived. Zurie host’s are happy to assist in putting back any backdrops, photo stands, etc.

4. A cleanup fee of $75 will be charged for excessive messes left behind. Excessive to be determined by the Zurie host.

5. Mini Sessions are popular here at Zurie, and we love the different clientele they bring in! However, please keep in mind the Zurie member present at your rental is NOT your photoshoot greeter/host. Many clients that may be coming onto the floor may not know where to enter, and may not know where to sit while they wait for the session before them to complete. Zurie hosts will assist when available, but are often working, so they are not responsible for directing your clients into the Photo Studio.

6. Renters are welcomed and encouraged to bring in their own props and decor, however the following items/actions are RESTRICTED:

  • Glitter and confetti of any kind

  • Nails in the wall(s)

  • Superglue on any surface of the studio

  • Duct tape and/or Gorilla tape

  • Open flame

7. The following items/areas ARE accessible to renters:

  • Photo Studio (Designated 19’ x 12’ space by the windows)

  • Mirror + Clothing rack

  • Couch seating area with Coffee table

  • Backdrops and their stands, steamer, fan, and other items found in the studio storage cabinet

  • Kitchenette in the hallway

  • Restrooms in the hallway

8. The following items/areas are OFF LIMITS:

  • White table and chairs

  • All Zurie member desks and standing around them

  • The Bride Bar



1. Video is encouraged, and many of our renters enjoy using our space for different types of promotional purposes! Please keep in mind Zurie is a multi-use creative studio, and therefore we cannot promise any silence. We have businesses that work out of our space, so meetings/phone calls happen often. We also cannot control the volume of noise coming from The Bride Bar, the surrounding businesses on our floor, and especially sound from the restaurant below.



1. If the renter damages any furniture, walls, photo studio equipment, member desks and their valuables, etc. in Zurie Studio or the common areas in the hallways and restrooms, the renter is responsible for ALL damages and will be billed with the credit card on file.

2. The Bride Bar is a separate company in their own private studio space. Renters may NOT occupy The Bride Bar's space under ANY circumstances. If there is damage in The Bride Bar due to occupancy of renters, renters will be billed with the credit card on file and a $100 fee will also be billed to the card on file.

3. Zurie Studio, its owners and co-workers are not liable for any damages or injuries that may incur to the renter and the renter's participants or clients. The renter is solely responsible for the actions of him/herself and his/her participants/clients.

4. Zurie Studio is not responsible or liable for any lost or stolen items.

5. Items left behind in Zurie for more than two weeks will be thrown away. Zurie is not responsible for any items left behind at any time.


Zurie Studio works diligently to provide our renters with a great experience. We appreciate your business and the continual support of a creative community, which we work so hard to bring to the city of Columbus. We do our best to enforce the terms above so that all of our guests, members, and clients have a superb and fun experience. Thank you for your attention to these details. We appreciate you!


Heather, Leda & Jenna

Zurie Owners